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Daniel Jouvance,
demonstrating long-lasting commitment

With over 20 years of humanitarian action to his name, especially with an environmental slant, Daniel Jouvance set up the Daniel Jouvance Foundation-Institut de France in May 2008, to bring all his actions together and ensure lasting impact.

His environmental initiatives include the following:


From 1990 to 2003, science and adventure came together when Daniel Jouvance organised several scientific assignments in uncharted waters, funded by himself and some well-known laboratories. Mission Auracéa in Tunisia was the first of a long series taking in Yemen (Hanish islands in 1993) Mozambique (Ibo island in 1995), Djibouti, Socotra (1998), then the Glorioso Islands (2003).
Aims To explore, inventorise and identify the active molecules of the future in the fields of healthcare, nutrition and cosmetics.


Created further to an initiative by Daniel Jouvance and his Science Committee in 1995, the association Océan-Océan aims to further and share knowledge of the marine world. Comprising algae specialists and biologists, the association organises trips for adolescents, during which they explore and help preserve marine nature.
These Océan-Océan trips take place at a stunning site on Île de Houat, in Brittany; Teens aged 12 to 14 get a chance to explore the ocean, observing marine animals and algae and getting an introduction to scuba diving.
These new-style adventures mixing experimentation, knowledge, discussion and emotion, help instil participants with a sense of respect for the ocean.


“The sea, a solution for the earth’s future”
Daniel Jouvance’s book Au Nom de la Mer (“In the name of the sea”) makes an impassioned plea for the planet’s oceans, calling on many great names.

In 1997, a meeting with Commandant Cousteau triggered a product-sharing operation for his turbosails project.


International recognition: as part of the Année Universelle sur les océans in Lisbon, Daniel Jouvance was invited to write the editorial of the catalogue for the exhibition alongside Al Gore and got 56,000 of his clients to sign the Unesco Charter.

New expedition with Guy Delage on board the Ocean Observer station: This appliance designed by architect Jacques Rougerie drifted for several weeks in the Indian Ocean, tossed by the tide. Daniel Jouvance entrusted it with a detailed study on plankton and observing marine life in situ.


Organisation of Mission Auracéa to the Glorioso Islands (protected nature reserve).


Daniel Jouvance provided support to the association Antenna Technologies from 2006 to 2011 to develop spiruline growing in Madagascar.


A long-time partner of the club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, the ecological vision of which he shares,
Daniel Jouvance supported their project to preserve our natural, environmental and economic heritage in 28 bays, where sea and land meet.


From 2007 to 2011, Daniel Jouvance supported programmes to hand down savoir-faire to preserve mangroves, home to many marine species, with the association Univers-Sel founded by the Guérande salt workers.


Creation of the Daniel Jouvance Foundation under the aegis of the Institut de France: this Foundation is dedicated to studying and preserving the marine world.

Daniel Jouvance published his second book, “Le Bonheur est un art subtil” (The subtle art of happiness) with an editorial by Jean-Marie Pelt.

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