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Océan-Océan Trips

Youngsters heading for Ile de Houat in Brittany!

Every year, the Daniel Jouvance Foundation-Institut de France and the association Océan-Océan welcome youngsters aged 12-16 to the Ile de Houat for educational trips focussing on the marine world. These trips, set up by Daniel Jouvance in 1995, aim to raise young people’s awareness of the importance of marine ecosystems to life on earth. Since 2009, 30 young people have followed these free courses every summer.

On the agenda
a chance to talk with marine biologists, look under microscopes, an introduction to the natural coastal environment and even a chance to try out scuba diving.

Find the association Océan-Océan at: www.ocean-ocean.org


Young Scientist Award


Innovation in marine biology rewarded!


Awarded since 1992 by the Daniel Jouvance Marine Science Committee, this prize is now awarded by the Foundation, with the aim of recognising young scientists producing fundamental, innovative work in marine biology.
This €4,000 cash prize is for the young scientists comes as true recognition from the industrial world and a way of exhibiting and promoting their work.

The applicant selection criteria is underpinned by three main topics:

  • The originality and innovative nature of the research.
  • The relevance of the work given the main issues faced by marine environment and the biosphere.
  • The sound, convincing nature of the applicants’ arguments are also borne in mind.

Discover the latest winners:


2011 Award

Julien Claes (Belgium)

2012 Award

Ana Ribeiro (Portugal)

2013 Award

Christophe KOPP (France) –
Research to the rescue
for coral reefs


Schools of Marine Biology

Emergence of an international network of young marine biologists

“Daniel Jouvance – UPMC International schools of marine biology” is an original scheme aiming to develop sessions focussing on themes in marine biology in countries where marine resources underpin the economy. Each session lasts for 10 days with a delegation of 8 to 10 French and international experts in marine biology and ecology or chemistry of natural substances, working to the following educational aims:

  • set up technical workshops to train students in basic techniques,
  • teach new concepts and methods to be put to use studying marine organisms and ecosystems,
  • whether for fundamental or applied research,
  • foster collaboration on certain themes to ensure sustainability of marine resources in the country in question.

CHILE 2011

First edition


Second edition


Registrations are open. See more.

This innovative, original scheme involves the Daniel Jouvance Foundation and the University Pierre and Marie Curie, via its partner Foundation.


Contact : Mme Mélina MERCIER
Managing Director Tel.: +33 (0)1 44 27 80 33

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